Перевести, уметь соотносить с переводом.

1    Don’t worry, be happy
2    Do you know…….?
3    Where do you live?
4    Let’s go to our friends and ask them to help.
5    I’d love to, but I can’t
6    Can you help me to ( plant seeds)?
7    I can do it with great pleasure.
8    Let’s begin to ( read the book)
9    What a pity!
10    What’s the matter?
11    Every time I have a headache, mama takes me to the doctor.
12    I have a toothache.
13    He has a stomachache.
14    They are tired, but happy.
15    Are you hungry?
16    It’s time to go to bed.
17    I don’t want to eat my lunch.
18    Be always kind to your relatives.
19    Is he ill?
20    Do what I say!
21    Can you give me (your pen) please?
22    I want to be very big and clever!
23    I’ve got a great wish!
24     What do you want?
25    I can help you, if you do what I want!
26    Get ( a star)  for me!
27    It’s great! I’ve got it!
28    I can do everything!
29     Don’t boast!


Ребята, в конкурсе по переводу данных фраз выявились лидеры:

  • Локоть Даниил
  • Бобраков Володя
  • Белодурин Даниил


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